The house

The house is 15 min walk from the historic center . Which can be reached eg via an old miner ‘s . From the garden you look at the Barbora Cathedral which is ‘ beautifully lit at night .

The House
The House

The car can be on-site parking which can be closed. In the evenings you can sit in the various restaurants to enjoy meals while enjoying a drink .

In this house, totally renovated in 2006, there are seven bedrooms .

Room 1 and 2 are located on the ground floor and are both equipped with a shower and toilet in the room . Between these two rooms is a small kitchen with refrigerator , microwave and coffeemaker .

Chamber 3 and 4 are situated at the middle floor. Room 3 has a shower and toilet in the room . While room 4 in the hallway has a shower and toilet . These two rooms can be combined because there is a connecting door in between these two rooms and the rest of the floor well. Ideal eg for parents with children , among others . Also on this floor is the kitchen and the dining room.

Room 5,6 and 7 are located on the top floor . Room 6 has a shower and toilet in the room and room 5 and 7 have a shared bathroom where the toilet to be used separately .

There is also wireless internet.